general questions on management


  1. What are the main themes of The Fifth Discipline? Describe and explain each discipline.
  2. How are each of these disciplines related to each other?
  3. Describe how each of these disciplines are important to establishing a learning organization


  1. Define stockholder and stakeholder. What is the difference between the two?
  2. What process does a company go through to respond to stakeholder concerns? What are the steps of this process?
  3. What is the agency problem? What are the governance mechanisms that can be put in place to defend from this problem?
  4. Describe internal controls and strategies that can be implemented to ensure ethical behavior within a company.


  1. How can organizational design contribute to competitive advantage?
  2. Describe how a strong organizational culture leads to transparency, ethics, and to competitive advantage within a company.
  3. How do corporations develop strategic plans for single or multidivisional structures? What are some advantages and problems in implementing a multidivisional structures?
  4. How do companies implement strategies at a global level? What organizational structures help them develop competitive advantage?

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