Gender and Society

Short Essay 2 Instructions

Gender and Society

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Length: 5-6 full pages, double-spaced Instructions:

Using the following prompt and write a 5-6 page (double-spaced) essay thoroughly answering all parts of the prompt.  Your essay should show that you understand the core course concepts, thought deeply about those concepts, and creatively applied them to your own experiences.

Definitions of key terms should be in your own words.  Do not simply copy the definitions provided by the powerpoints or the book.  Examples provided should be your own. While there might be some overlap between your examples and those provided by the powerpoints or the book, do not simply copy the examples provided by the powerpoints or the book.


Three key concepts in the sociology of gender are doing gender, gender as a power structure, and gender strategies.  Theories of doing gender emphasize gender identity and presentation as active processes and products of individual agency.  Theories that conceive of gender as a power structure emphasize how the gender binary (re)produces inequalities between women and men by devaluing women and femininity.  Gender strategies are individuals’ purposeful ways of doing gender within the constraints of gendered power structures.

For this essay, you will examine your own experience as a gendered being through a sociological lens.  The goal is to analyze how your individual ways of doing gender and the gender strategies that you enact are influenced by our society’s gender power structure.  You should demonstrate your understanding of the concepts through correctly and thoughtfully using them to examine your experience.

Write an essay that explains each of the following, using detailed examples from your own experience to illustrate your arguments:

  1. The concept of doing gender, including the concept of accountability
  2. The concept of gender as a power structure, including the concepts of sexism and androcentrism
  3. The concept of gender strategy, including one of the following: feminine apologetic, emphasized femininity, pariah femininity, emphatic sameness, gender equivocation, hegemonic masculinity, toxic masculinity, hypermasculinity, hybrid masculinity, or complicit masculinity
  4. How your own ways of doing gender and your own gender strategy are structured (meaningboth constrained and enabled) by the gender power structure of our society and the subordination of women/femininity to men/masculinity. Ex: personal example for me would be I am female


Double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 point font, Times New Roman font, no cover page, and label with just your name and the date in the top left corner of the first page.  (This may require you to alter the default settings of your word processing program.)  Papers should be given descriptive or evocative titles.  Failure to follow formatting directions may result in a loss of points.

Electronic copies should be in MS Word (.docx) or PDF.  You may not submit .pages (Mac) files, links to Google docs, or other file formats.

Citation: While it is not necessary to use outside sources for your paper, if you do use non-class materials, you must provide a works cited and use proper internal parenthetical citation in ASA style for all direct quotes and paraphrasing.  The document on our Canvas site (in the Writing Guides folder in the Syllabus and Assignment Sheets folder in Files) titled “Style Guide – ASA Citations” provides clear instructions.  Also see the powerpoint entitled “Citations and Bibliographies” for further instruction.


Essays should be grammatical, engage in proper punctuation practices, and meet basic standards for academic mechanics and style.  Students should carefully proofread their documents.  Papers that do not meet basic standards for mechanics and clarity may lose points based on severity of the errors.  Consult the documents posted to Canvas (in Writing Guides subfolder of the Syllabus and Assignment Sheets folder in Files) entitled “Style Tips for Academic Writers” and “Writing for Sociology.”  You are encouraged to visit the Center for Teaching and Learning and/or speak with Dr. Seeley.

Essays should be properly organized with a) an introduction that contains a thesis statement and foreshadows the argument to follow, b) a thesis statement in the introduction that communicates to the reader the core argument of the paper, c) body paragraphs that provide detailed and convincing evidence to support the paper’s thesis, and d) a conclusion that outlines how the body paragraphs have successfully proven and supported the thesis outlined in the introduction.






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