Five Cs of Analysis

Dolan (2014) identifies the five Cs of analysis: customers, company, collaborators, competitors, and context. This represents a simplified yet integrated approach to undertaking a strategic assessment of the capabilities and the readiness of an organization’s marketing success.

Over time, many great ideas and models are developed, only to be replaced by something newer (and perhaps better). This week’s Learning Resources present the traditional situational analysis, a more current perspective (Dolan, 2014), and a somewhat more narrow focus (Dass & Kumar, 2014).

To remain current (and relevant), marketers need to understand the implications and possible new learning that can be extracted from being aware of new perspectives.

Post an assessment of the five Cs based on the following questions:

  • How do these fit within the description of situational analysis listed in the Learning Resources?
  • How does the Dass & Kumar (2014) article affect your perspective?
  • In what ways are these internal analysis models similar? In what ways are they different?

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