Expund Social Networking Online.

Paper instructions;

This year’s culture project will focus on social networking online. We will watch a documentary on how social networking affects teenagers, and read articles on its advantages and disadvantages. Your task is to write an argumentative essay about one of the topics below. Your essay should be between 400-800 words


Introduce the subject to the reader in an interesting and catchy way

    1. Give background information on how social media has developed through time.
    2. State the main idea or focus of the essay in a thesis statement
  1. Body of text

This is where you state your arguments which support your thesis.

Argument 1

Explain your argument (remember A-R-E)

    • Refer to a source
    • Link to next paragraph
  1. Argument 2
    • Explain your argument (remember A-R-E)
    • Refer to a source
    • Link to next paragraph
  2. Counter-argument
    • Explain the counter-argument
    • Refer to a source
    • Disprove the counter-argument
  3. Conclusion
    End your text and refer to your thesis statement. Use one of the following methods to round up your essay.
  4. Encourage your reader to do something about the situation.
  5. End with a thought or question that makes the reader think further.


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