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An exploration of the processes for integrating students identified with SEND into a mainstream secondary school in KuwaitIntroduction: contextualise background, offer purpose and rationale for research. Identify aims /key questions / hypothesis. (1000-1500 words) (ii) Literature Review: scrutiny and critique of literature reviewed to inform thinking, the research topic and key questions. (3000-4000 words) (iii) Methodology: explanation and justification of research paradigm, methods and instruments selected. (3000-4000 words) (iv)* Data Analysis: presentation and analysis of findings from empirical data collection. (4000-5000 words) (vii) Conclusions/Recommendations: Summary of answers to your research aims, recommendations for future research, policy, and practice. (1000-1500 words) REFERENCE LIST -Following the last page of the main text a full list of references of all published works used to support the Dissertation should be provided. The format for the reference list should conform to the APA referencing principle. Try and use work that has been published within the last 10 Years CITATION APA 7th Edition style.APPENDICES -Information included in your appendices must be focused and selective. It is not necessary to include all transcripts since there should be evidence that you have collected the data required and incorporated it into the main body of your dissertation. In some cases it might be advantageous to include evidence of the analytical process in the appendices. The details of the information in the appendices is to be listed at the end of the Table of Contents. The following must be included: ● Copies of any letters to participants (examples of consent form and information sheets) ● Copies of all data collection tools (questionnaire, interview questions, etc.)

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