Explicit Challenges Faced By Policymakers In Developing Effective Policies To Contain The Climate Cr

Explicit Challenges Faced By Policymakers In Developing Effective Policies To Contain The Climate Crisis


For the purposes of this examination, I would like you to focus on the explicit challenges faced by policymakers in developing effective policies to contain the climate crisis

In the context of liberal democracies, public policies strive to be effective (in solving the policy problem), efficient (by getting the maximum gain with the least expenditure of resources), and equitable (by distributing the costs and benefits as equally as possible throughout society)

You will use your texts (there are two different pdf’s) to find supporting quotes or information to be able to answer the questions listed below

For this examination, use chapters 10, 11, & 12 from Sachs’ ‘The Age of Sustainable Development” (must use 2 quotes, minimum, per chapterto answer this sections questions)as a guide for exploring how attempts to initiate policies aimed at addressing greenhouse gas reduction have performed according to the criteria of effectiveness, efficiency, and equity Explain the essential elements of the climate change problem according to Sachs and explain what needs to be incorporated into a policy that protects the globe from the negative impacts of climate change while also serving to promote sustainable development In the estimation of Sachs, how can markets, regulation, and education be utilized and regulated to achieve emissions reductions? Furthermore, what are the roles of cities in promoting low-carbon sustainable development?

Finally, looking to the ‘Emissions Gap Report’(focus on executive summary and chapters 1,2,and 3 from this report) conclude your exam with an assessment of the gap between the “Nationally Determined Contributions†coming from countries around the world and what

the climate science consensus tells us is a reasonable target to minimize the risk of warming in excess of 2 degrees Given the need for both developed and developing countries to reduce emissions, what are the prospects for sustainable development on a warming planet? Are the desires for economic development incompatible with minimizing the risk associated with climate change? (Must use quotes and then go into detail and elaboration)

1600 words, double-spaced in a 12-point font, must use MLA formatting and include work cited page

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