Explain the Disadvantages Experienced by Multinationals


1 Some disadvantages experienced by multinationals include all of the following except _____.

A Business risks

B Different legal systems

C Host country regulations

D Inferior technical know-how

2 Trade routes were first established in the Mediterranean in _______.

A Ancient times

B The 1750s

C The early 1990s

D The industrial revolution

3 Differences in global markets can arise in all of the following except _____.

A tax regimes

B currencies

C Basel accord compliance

D languages

4 The varying business cycles experienced by a multinational firm in its various operating jurisdictions are an example of ______ advantage.

A Managerial Expertise

B Diversification

C Financial Flexibility

D Information

5 The German Mittelstand consists of ____, ____ businesses which have experienced exporting success in recent years.

A Inflexible, domestic

B Cost-sensitive, European

C Medium-sized, family-owned

D Small, publicly traded

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