Explain the Difference Between the Male and Female Urethra


Explain the difference in male and female urethra. UTI is common in Why? 50. The functional units of the kidney are the if they are located mainly in the cortex. They are called if they are located in both the cortex and the medulla. 51. Blood enters the kidney through the artery. The artery branches into smaller and smaller arteries and arterioles. Complete the sequence below: arteriole capillaries arteriole _capillaries and vasa recta 52. Complete the sequence below showing all parts of the nephron: Glomerular (Bowman’s) capsule convoluted tubule → __(both descending and ascending limb) ► convoluted tubule → (both cortical and medullary sections) The renal corpuscle consists of two parts: capillaries and the A portion of the plasma is filtered into the capsular space due to the hydrostatic pressure of the blood. 53. anillon endothelium manus

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