Explain the Biological Diversity and Human Health.

Paper instructions:

Please use this references for the paper:
1.    Bernstein A. S. (2014). Biological diversity and public health. Annual review of public health, 35, 153–167.
2.    D’Costa, V., King, C., Kalan, L. et al. Antibiotic resistance is ancient. Nature 477, 457–461 (2011).
3.    Nicola Gallai, Jean-Michel Salles, Josef Settele, Bernard E. Vaissière, Economic valuation of the vulnerability of world agriculture confronted with pollinator decline, Ecological Economics, Volume 68, Issue 3, 2009, Pages 810-821,
4.    Keesing F, Belden LK, Daszak P, Dobson A, Harvell CD, Holt RD, Hudson P, Jolles A, Jones KE, Mitchell CE, Myers SS, Bogich T, Ostfeld RS. Impacts of biodiversity on the emergence and transmission of infectious diseases. Nature. 2010 Dec 2;468(7324):647-52.
5.    Raf Aerts, Olivier Honnay, An Van Nieuwenhuyse, Biodiversity and human health: mechanisms and evidence of the positive health effects of diversity in nature and green spaces, British Medical Bulletin, Volume 127, Issue 1, September 2018, Pages 5–22.

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