Explain how the Classic Symptoms Associated with Heart Failure may be caused by Weakened Heart Muscle

First Names M-Z    Explain how the classic symptoms associated with heart failure may be caused by weakened heart muscle.

There is no response post required for Part 1.

Part #2

Select a class of medication that is prescribed to treat the disorder above assigned to you.

  • Select one drug from this class and visit it’s web site and refer to your text.
  • Explain HOW the drug works.
  • Identify five common adverse effects.
  • Discuss three priority teaching points.

Respond to one post from a topic different than the one you researched. Refer to your text. Discuss the three teaching points – do you agree that they are priorities? If not, what should be a priority? Can you add any information to enrich the teaching points?

1. Provide an overview and critique for www.nysmokefree.com . Do a good deed…refer one smoker to this resource!

2. Discuss the drug (Advair)…what are the 2 components and actions of this drug? You have been hired by an advertising agency – write a four line poem/jingle about this drug.

3. Respond to one nysmokefree post. Discuss one patient teaching strategy to facilitate smoking cessation.

1. Visit web site www.diabetes.org Discuss your risk factors for DM (take the Diabetes Risk Test under All About Diabetes).

2. Diabetes can cause several long-term complications upon the neurological and vascular systems. Research one of the following complications below. Explain how the specific body system is negatively impacted by DM, discuss the physiology. What are the clinical manifestations of this complication?


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