Exam Unit 02 Assignment “Information Literacy” ELO

Exam Unit 02 Assignment “Information Literacy” ELO

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This written assignment should be completed after you have taken the Part Two Exam and before you move on to the next chapter quiz in Part Three. Please submit your one-page response to Turnitin.com. For this short assignment, please review what you have learned in Exam Unit 02, Chapters 5-8.

PART TWO: Chapters 5-8.

  1. Examine a primary source found in the text or suggested Web sites. How does this first-hand account compare/contrast to the textbook information, a secondary, synthesized source? What does this document reflect about the history of the Revolutionary War period or New Republic? Please utilize only sources found at these sites: A. “American Voices” or “Voices From Abroad” excerpts (one page documents) found in Chapters 5-8. B. “For Further Exploration” Suggested Web Sites (found at very end of each chapter) Chapters 5-8.
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