Elucidate the Term Metalinguistic Ability


.I have to rely on my metalinguistic abilities while writing essay papers and response to our class discussions. An example that I can use at the moment is writing a paper for my communication disorders in adults class. I have to re-read what I have wrote to make sure it makes sense at the end. Sometimes I have notice that a sentence sounds weird and it is important to have such skills because if I was to turn in my paper the professor, he will not understand what I meant. Example, if I wrote; “Since the lewy bodies proteins called alpha-synuclein, are not able to perform their roles in neurons in the brain, they affect several different brain regions” instead of “If the Lewy bodies proteins called alpha-synuclein, do not perform their roles within the neurons in the brain, then several different brain regions will be affected.”

2.Our textbook defines metalinguistic abilities as the ability to view language as an object of attention. Preschoolers will often pretend to read or write, knowing someone is watching them. Teachers will sometimes think out loud in front of the class while they are reading a story to their students. They will model taking notes or asking themselves questions in order to show students how to interact with stories. Adults also use metalinguistic abilities while editing or revising writing – they ask themselves “does this make sense? How can I change it to be better?”

3.Metalinguistic ability is people’s ability to view language as an object of attention, and is responsible for children’s success in later reading and writing skills. There are many examples we as adults can provide, one from my own life includes writing this very same discussion. I have to focus on the reading from the chapter, combine it with the reading of the question that is asked, and think about how I want to respond. I also have to think about the process of writing my sentences, making sure I use punctuation properly and spell words correctly. This is an important life skill because written language is something that will always be present and useful in human existence. When we begin acquiring this skill as a child it sets us up for future accomplishments in school and later work, especially as teachers must record observations of children and other important information every day!

4.I feel that I use the metalinguistic ability a lot, especially now as an adult who is constantly surrounded by my nieces. I have to be careful of how I talk and what I say in front of them. Not just bad language, but also the context in which I say things. I always want to look confident and sound that way in front of them too. They all look up to me so much, and I don’t want them to pick up on any negative talk. I also feel that this happens when people are around others and need to be on kind of like their “best behavior.” In different social settings I believe. But something that stood out to me was how I act in front of my nieces, and the everyday language I use.

5 Metalinguistic ability is the ability to view language as an object of attention. In simple words, it implies the ability to think and discuss language. Adults use metalinguistic skills to look at language as a thing and to maneuver around successfully in using language. This skill which was developed at a very young age helps to understand that the meaning of a sentence can be changed by moving words around or how meaning and nuances and inferences beyond meaning are conveyed in a writing.

This skill gives you the awareness that you can change language in different ways, that you have the power to manipulate it. For example, once I was teaching a Kindergarten class and we were discussing cats. Since I had a cat, I told them that my cat is a marathon runner. One of my students thought that my cat participated in Marathon. I used my metalinguistic skills to correct my student. In a conversational interaction as a speaker, one uses metalinguistic skills to relate the linguistic form of language to produce a message which has the desired effect on a listener. As a listener, one uses metalinguistic skills to understand the intended message of the speaker.

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