Elucidate the Entrepreneur Garret Camp and his Company Uber.

Paper instructions:

Name of entrepreneur
Name of company they started & what product(s) or service(s) they provide
Year they were born (and died, if applicable)
Year and age they were when they started their company
Location(s) of company (headquarters/where they started/where they are located now)
Background information about how the person grew up (childhood through adult life)
In your opinion, what key factors led them to open their business? Explain.
What obstacles/challenges did they face in their life and/or in starting up the business?
What successes have they had in their life and in starting up the business? Be specific. points
What other information did you find that was interesting that related to their entrepreneurship?
At least three sources were used
m. Works cited attached and in MLA format
In-text citations or footnotes used for direct quote(s) (must have at least one direct quote)

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