Elucidate Entrepreneural Management


2. Assume that you have been selected as a consultant by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship Development to write a paper to advise the youth on the type of legal structure of business to adopt in establishing a small business venture. Fortunately for you, your appreciation of Entrepreneurial Management equipped you with the ability to explain the pros and cons as well as businesses suitable for each of the types of the three major business structures. How would you go about this daunting task?
3. Would you agree to the assertion that INNOVATION is the panacea to achieving competitive edge by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) youth in Africa? Please justify the reasoning behind your agreement or not.
4. It has been argued that the effective way of making it in life as a successful young entrepreneur is through engaging in MENTORSHIP as a young individual. Would you agree to this argument? Please justify the reasoning behind your agreement or otherwise.

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