Effects Of Discrimination And Aggression On Offenders

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Issues related prejudice, discrimination, and aggression are present in many different aspects of offender behavior and interactions. Sometimes it could be an offender’s prejudicial attitude that produces a negative consequence, but it could also be aspects of the criminal justice system that have been ineffectively designed to address these issues. This assignment asks you to analyze the issues that relate to the concepts during offender rehabilitation.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis of the occurrence of prejudice, discrimination, and aggression among offenders while receiving correctional program support services for rehabilitation. Include the following:

Determine possible causes of aggressive behavior in this setting (remember this is a correctional setting), according to the theories of aggression.

Describe possible effects of prejudice, discrimination, and aggression on offenders and their social relationships.

Describe potential organizational issues that may arise due to prejudice, discrimination, or aggression.

Describe possible methods to prevent issues related to these concepts from recurring.

Include a minimum of three sources.

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