EEOC in the Workplace


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is one of the earliest federal mandates designed to protect against discriminatory practices, yet discrimination continues to this day to be part of many individuals’ employment history and has a large presence on court dockets because of associated litigation. This assignment will allow you to better understand EEOC in the workplace and better recognize discrimination when it is present.

To complete this Assignment, review the Learning Resources for this week and other resources and respond to the following bullets in a 2- to 3-page paper.

What is the role of the EEOC in the workplace?
What forms of discrimination do you think are the most common under the EEOC? Explain your rationale.
Have you ever experienced discrimination in the workplace, either personally or to someone you know? If yes, describe the experience and the outcome. If no, study current events in your local or national news. Summarize an incident of discrimination in the workplace that would fall under the EEOC including the outcome.


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