drug abuse and the brain 1

Seminar Option 2

  • Do you agree that substance abuse is a disease? Why or why not?
  • How do various drugs and alcohol affect brain function and chemistry?
  • What are some neurological risks associated with drug and/or alcohol use?
  • How does addiction get hard-wired into the brain?
  • Discuss some treatments and/or cures for drug and alcohol addiction.
  • What are some of these treatments’ drawbacks?
  • How can drug addiction spin off into other health crises?
  • If you had a friend with a substance abuse problem, what advice would you give them?

Submit an essay of at least 400 words that addresses and answers the questions listed above, written in your own words with citations, if appropriate.

A: 18-20 points

• Response is on topic and original.

• Response makes frequent, informed references to unit material and the Seminar archive.

• Response is clearly written, in Standard American English (SAE) and appropriate for academic discourse.

• Response meets posted length requirements, generally in the 400 word range

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