discussion of concepts related to these theorists early conceptualizations about nursing nurse patient relationship theories

Discussion of concepts related to these theorists.

Early Conceptualizations About Nursing

-Let us review the works of Wiedenbach (conceptualizations of nursing)

-Henderson (who believed in the categorizations of functions that pertained to patient care)

-Hall (who envisioned three overlapping circles of care – person, body, and disease from crisis to rehabilitation) that introduced nursing theory and explore the importance of nurse-patient relationships (Smith & Parker 2015).

Nurse-Patient Relationship Theories

This reading assignment focuses on conceptualizations by Travelbee, a former nursing educator, (who practiced psychiatric/mental health care) that serves as a framework that delineates the nurse-patient interaction. Remembering that patients or clients are exceptional and nursing care is delivered across several stages (Smith & Parker, 2015).

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