Discuss What furosemide do


What does furosemide do? Okay, I didn’t go over this but see if it make sense and then try to answer question 11: Here is the answer: It causes dilution of the filtrate because transport in the ascending loop will be impaired. It blocks the Nat-K -2C cotransporter. Furosemide is a potent loop diuretic. 81. If you increase furosemide, what would happen to the following? (7 or ) Na -K-2Cl cotransport Na-K-2C retained in tubule interstitial osmolarity water reabsorption in descending limb filtrate and volume flow urine output loss of body water and electrolytes Urinary System: Late Filtrate Processing ooooo 82. Name all the areas of the nephron that secretion takes place: P PROXIMAL tu Bule 83. a. How does Aldosterone is stimulated? b. What does aldosterone increase in the basolateral membrane? 84. What does antidiuretic hormone (ADH) increase in the luminal membrane? dati ubat would be the levels of

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