Discuss the Similarities and Differences Between SNS and ANS Reflexes


What are the similarities and differences between SNS and ANS reflexes? Explain? Patellar Reflex 4. Check the patellar reflex of a classmate by using a reflex hammer to strike their patellar ligament while the knee is flexed. Which muscles contracted when the patellar reflex was tested? What nerve is involved in the afferent and efferent actions? How does muscle fatigue influence your observations? Achilles Reflex 5. Check this reflex by gently dorsiflexing a classmate’s foot then using a reflex hammer to strike the Achilles tendon. What was the result? Do you normally get the observed reaction when the gastrocnemius muscle is contracted? Plantar Reflex 6. Check this reflex in a classmate by using the blunt metal end of a reflex hammer and gently stroking the sole of the foot from the heel, distal on the lateral aspect of the forefoot then curving towards the hallux. What was the result? Was it a normal response or a Babinski’s sign? Nervous System: Reflexes Laboratory 15 334

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