Discuss The Effects of Exercise on Bones


The effects of exercise on bones are to thicken; elongate and to them. elongate; weaken thicken; strengthen thin; atrophy QUESTION 22 Osteoblasts are – whereas osteocytes are bone-forming cells; bone destroying cells mature bone cells; bone-forming cells bone-forming cells; mature bone cells bone-destroying cells; bone forming cells QUESTION 23 The bones of the wrists and ankles are classified as long bones. flat bones. short bones irregular bones. QUESTION 24 Endochondral ossification involves whereas Intramembranous ossification Involves 0 forming bone by replacing hyaline cartilage; replacing connective tissue forming bone in broad, flat areas of the skull; the arms and legs formina be hardening of bone as a result of deposition of calcium salts; osteoclast cells forming bone by the action of osteocytes; the action of osteoblasts QUESTION 25 A suture is an example of a(n) fibrous joint cartilaginous joint. synovial joint. None of these is correct.

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