Discuss on how to Avoid Bias

Avoiding Bias in Research
In qualitative research, topic choices are sometimes based on personal investment and a desire to solve a known problem rather than a desire to add to the scholarly knowledge of the issue at hand.
Reflect on the potential for bias in your own topic development and describe how you might counteract it.
Consult pages 61–65 in Chapter 3 of the Creswell and Creswell text on the use of theory in qualitative research as well as Chapter 9, “Qualitative Methods,” pages 179–210 to design a qualitative study about your chosen area of organizational interest.
Provide your organizational issue and purpose, including as many specifics about your sources of data and collection methods as you can. Include questions you would ask in a focus group or individual interviews to gather information to answer your research questions and identify the roles of the interviewees. Suggest possible literature review topics or theories for your study and identify any ethical considerations. (Review “Ethical Issues to Anticipate,” pages 87–95 in Chapter 4, “Writing Strategies and Ethical Considerations.”)
Then, answer the following questions:
• What are your views on this topic, problem, sample, and research site?
• How might your views create a bias in planning, conducting, and reporting research?
• What strategies might you take to avoid imposing your bias on the proposed study and findings?
o Support your strategies with the literature.


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