Discuss Leadership Development Core Values

**Cover and Reference Page not included**
As leaders, we must identify our values and principles that guide our decisions and actions. Our values give us credibility and allow other people to trust our ability to lead.

All of us have a general idea of who we are and what we hold true. However, these ideas do not become real to us until we put them in writing until we articulate what we believe, what we stand for, and how we want to live and work. These ideas do not become real to other people until we put them into practice.

Prepare a two (2) page report, not including the cover page and any references page, that discusses the following points and questions. You should use at least one outside resource. Using an additional resource and your textbook can help with this assignment. Be sure to cite these resources.

Define what you stand for. Create a list of five to six core values or principles that define who you are.
What can challenge those values and principles?
Create a personal mission statement.
This mission statement should say who you are, what you believe in, what you are passionate about.
Explain how you can “live and breathe” this mission statement.
You find yourself in an elevator with a hiring executive.
What would you tell this executive about yourself?
Write out a brief “elevator speech” that helps this executive to see your core values and mission statement.
In conclusion, explain the connection between personal values, mission and vision with leadership practices in the workplace.


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