Diagram Illustrating The Hormonal Control Of Menstruation, and Sperm Development

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If the hormonal control of normal reproductive functions were presented in the style of comic book, what would that look like? Is there a way to tell the “story” of reproductive function (for both male and female) in picture form? What would be the main character in your version of this story, and what is the conflict that would drive this interaction?

For this assignment you will draw a short comic that illustrates the hormonal control of menstruation, and of sperm development. Your finished drawing should have a minimum of 6-8 “panels”. All chemical and structural participants in this complex interaction should be accounted for. You will not be graded for your artistic ability, but you will be graded on the completeness of your diagram. All components of your comic should be labelled (which will allow the viewer to distinguish between structures). Captions should be provided for each panel that clearly describe what “action” is occurring in the picture.

You are welcome to draw this by hand, but you must use pen (so that it is readable). Your submission MUST be clear and legible, and must be uploaded as a jpeg or pdf. Please ensure that you have adequate light and a clear photograph

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