Describe Marketing and Christianity

Think of the ministry of Jesus, more importantly, how the message of Jesus spread after the resurrection. Do you see any applications of marketing principles? In 750-1,250 words, please provide the following:


· This section should be designed to provide an overview and landscape of the paper to follow. In one paragraph, tell the writer what they will discover in reading this paper.

· Product
o Think of the message of Jesus, what was the product He was offering?
o As Jesus was preaching, name three segments who were first willing to receive this message (these will be the Innovators).
· Distribution
o What channels were available to distribute the message of Jesus during this time?
· Price
o What was the price of obtaining the message of Jesus (think outside monetary forms)?
· Promotion
o During the time of Jesus and the first Apostles, what methods of promotion were available to promote the message of Jesus?

· As you think of the spread of Christianity, and then think of the marketing strategies, what connections do you see? What do you find fascinating? Write 2-3 paragraphs on your analysis


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