.Cost-Benefit Analysis

.Cost-Benefit Analysis

Before doing this assignment, do the following activities: (1) Read the Discounting and Cost-Benefit Analysis
(Chapter3-Positivist ToolBox), (2) Follow this week’s lecture, (3) Listen to the Podcast on Use of Cost-Benefit
Analysis in State and Local Policy Making, LINK BELOW: https://soundcloud.com/appam-dc/the-wonkepisode-8-the-use-of-cost-benefit-analysis-in-state-and-local-policymaking (3) Follow Table 3.11 to Table 3.14
in Chapter3. Positivist ToolBox. Assignment.Week6: Cost-Benefit Analysis City of Boondocks Example (Table
3.11 – Table 3.14) at the 5% Discount Rate You received your Masters in Public Administration degree from
Nova South Eastern University and became a policy analyst with the City of Boondocks. To enhance the
recreational experience of citizens in your city, the city council wants to choose from the following four policy
alternatives: (1) Do Nothing (2) Repair the Swimming Pool (3) Build New Pool in a New Site (4) Build New Pool
on an Existing Site Using the following data (Table1-4) concerning the four policy alternatives, calculate the
NPV and BCR at a 5% discount rate and recommend the best policy alternative. Note: Y0-Y5 stands for Year0

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