contemporary impacts compare with the impacts of early agriculture and urbanization?

Question 1:
Define and discuss five of the following terms. Write in your own words, using an example or two, in one or two paragraphs each.
1.Industrial Revolution
2.Green Revolution
3.Tragedy of the Commons
6.Land degradation
7.Direct and indirect impacts
8.Ecosystem restoration
9.Anthropogenic fire
10.Pastoral nomadism
Question 2:
In your own words, explain why it was important that a transport revolution accompany the Industrial Revolution.
Question 3:
How do the scale and intensity of contemporary impacts compare with the impacts of early agriculture and urbanization?  Use at least three resources in addition to your course textbook and materials, with at least two being scholarly publications (e.g., journal articles, books) available via TRU Library Be sure to correctly use in-text citations and APA formatting!
Question 4:
If we can import all our food from abroad, why do people choose to support local farmers and ranchers? You are encouraged to think back into earlier sections of this course when writing your answer.
Question 5:
Select a place in your local geographic area. The place you select should be relatively small in size (e.g., a wetland, an urban park, an agricultural field) and modified from its natural state.
Answer the following questions in relation to your chosen area. Include examples from observations that you have made in person. Use a minimum of three additional resources (e.g., journal articles, books) and also include relevant portions of this course from Unit 4 and earlier units. You may use diagrams where appropriate.
1.How can the area you chose be modified to accommodate the ecosystem requirements of species native to these landscapes? In other words, if you were to restore this area to its “natural” state, what are some examples of the activities that must take place? You are encouraged to do research to answer this question.
2.What are some of the resulting direct and indirect impacts of a) leaving the area as it is and not modifying it back to a more natural state; b) restoring the ecosystem? Identify and consider both negative and positive impacts.
3.How would you determine which successional stage would be the most appropriate goal for an ecosystem restoration project?


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