Construct A Traditional Book Summary Of The Book, Know How We Got Our Bible

After you have read the book, Know how We Got Our Bible by Ryan M. Reeves and Charles E. Hill, you will be required to apply the knowledge you have gained in the form of a written assignment. Construct a traditional book summary (not a book review) surveying the book’s goals, content, and most salient points; the objective is to share in 2-3 pages (no more than 1,200 words) what you have learned from reading Know How We Got Our Bible in the form of either a conventional book summary or an imaginary personal message to a friend or peer seeking to correct this person’s misconceptions about the Bible’s origins and history. Keep in mind that the book you are summarizing is not attempting to prove that the Bible is God’s inspired Word but that there is discernible though mundane process through which He has preserved these writings.
You should not spend equal space on each chapter or point in the book or even refer to content from each and every chapter. Instead, draw from the content that speaks to how the biblical texts were originally produced and the records of how the texts have been preserved over the centuries and eventually made available in multiple languages.

You should not attempt to be exhaustive in your explanation and narration of these historical matters. Focus on the material you think proves to be the most essential and relevant; summarize while trying to remain accurate.

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