Compose a review of the literature researched by your group…

. Compose a review of the literature researched by your group. Discuss each journal or newspaper article analyzing the information and its relationship to your topic. Each group member should contribute 2 articles (e.g., if a group has six members you will have a total of 12 pages of reviewed literature).

B. List the interview questions your group used for the professional interview (these should be roughly the same for all interviews so only one copy of the questions is included here).

C. Each should contributes a 1-page summary of their interview. This should include factual information on each interviewee, why you selected this individual, and the key findings gathered from each interview.

Analysis and Interpretation Summary

(1 page)

A. Analyze and interpret your data (e.g., what answers to the questions did you all have in common? What answers were different?).

B. State the limitations of your study and the problems (if any) that occurred during the assignment process.

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