Community based organizational change


Community-based organizations are considered important mediators of social change, and human services professionals frequently directly participate in these organizations. Human services professionals are often asked to participate in planned organizational change through strategic planning. Bess (2015) asserts that when organizational theory is not fully recognized in community psychology, there is an opportunity for social change actuators to invoke new change models that can mitigate adverse effects of the initial social changes.

Drawing on your reading of Bess in the Studies for this unit, discuss the author’s model and its potential relevance to human services changes that can be affected by romantic or tragic change. Give one example of each from the human services perspective.
Bess, K. D. (2015). The impact of everyday experiences on planned organizational change: Applying schematic change theory to the study of narratives in community-based organizations. Journal of Community Psychology, 43(6), 739–’759.





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