Clarification of the purpose of the research

INFORMED CONSENT FORM I.    Research Study Title:  XXXXXX University: Griffith College, Graduate Business School. Principal Investigator: Dr Garrett Ryan. Researcher Name: XXXXXXXXXXX Email: XXXXXXXXXXXX II.   Clarification of the purpose of the research The aim of this research is to (Enter high-level Details) Furthermore, through a combination your participation and the latest research into (Research Subject), this research will add to body of academic understanding of (Research Subject). III.  Confirmation of particular requirements as highlighted in the Plain Language Statement Cut and paste this section as written in your Plain Language Statement If surveying a company, you might consider adding the following line, if not delete it. Every attempt will be made not to interfere with normal business operations, as such interviews and or surveys will not be conducted at month or quarter end. Participant – please complete the following (Circle Yes or No for each question) Have you read or had read to you the Plain Language Statement            Yes/No Do you understand the information provided?                                        Yes/No Have you had an opportunity to ask questions and discuss this study?    Yes/No Have you received satisfactory answers to all your questions?                Yes/No Are you aware that interviews will be audiotaped?                                  Yes/No IV.  Confirmation that involvement in the Research Study is voluntary Cut and paste this section as written in your Plain Language Statement V.   Advice as to arrangements to be made to protect confidentiality of data, including that confidentiality of information provided is subject to legal limitations Cut and paste this section as written in your Plain Language Statement DO NOT COMPLETE THIS SECTION.  YOUR RESEARCH PARTICIPANT SIGNS THIS. VI.  Participant Signature: I have read and understood the information in this form.  My questions and concerns have been answered by the researcher, and I have a copy of this consent form.  Therefore, I consent to take part in this research project Participants Signature:                                                                                            Name in Block Capitals:                                                                                          Witness:                                                                                                                     Date:                                                                                                                          

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