Children brain developments in toddler stages

Children brain developments in toddler stages:

Summary of the journal article’s Background / Introduction section, including but not limited to an overview of the purpose of the study, the previous research on the topic, and the significance of the study from both a research and a social perspective. (40 points)
Identification of the study’s Hypotheses. Be sure to identify the independent and dependent variables for each hypothesis. (20 points)
Summary of the study’s Methods section including but not limited to (a) number and descriiption of the study’s research participants, (b) procedures used to identify and select participants, (c) procedures used to conduct the study, and (d) how data on each variable was collected and measured. (40 points)
Summary of the Results section of the study. Clearly state the results for all hypotheses. Be sure to note which hypotheses were supported and which were not supported by the study’s research. (20 points)
Summary of the Discussion / Conclusion section(s) of the study including the researcher’s interpretation of the results and the potential application for future research and/or practical application. (20 points)
Your Constructive Critique of the journal article including whether or not you found the journal article to be well-written, organized, and understandable (including explanation and examples) from your perspective as a non-expert on the topic. (30 points)
In-text citations and reference list. Students will submit this assignment to Turnitin for plagiarism evaluation. (10 points)


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