Child Life Theory and Practice

Child Life Theory and Practice

The purpose of this assignment is to use the fundamentals of psychological preparation found in child life literature to make a preparation book for one of the patients listed on tomorrows OR Schedule. See Child Life Technology and Greenville Children’s Hospital for examples you may wish to follow.(CLC1d)

Review the literature in regard to the fundamentals of psychological preparation
Choose your patient from the OR schedule noting the patient’s age, sex, and procedure being done
Prepare your prep book using a media tool of your choice. Suggestions include:
PhotoStory3 – A free download for Windows computers, this program provides an easy way to create and edit videos.
StoryBird – Another free, web-based application, StoryBird allows you to read, write, and collaborate on digital picture books. Thousands of illustrations have been contributed to this online community, and all authors can integrate them into their written pieces.
Digital Vaults – This new tool from the National Archives allows you to create your own accounts and then build a story using digital resources directly from the National Archives. The movie making tool includes soundtrack options as well as basic editing functions. With a free login account, you can save your work, and completed projects can be emailed or shared via hyper link.
Producing Your Own Child Life Prep Book – “This guide prepares child life specialists, and others, in collaborating with the Child Life Technology team of volunteers toward successfully creating and distributing customized electronic prep(aration) books”

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