Chapter 17 DiscussionDue: May 23 at 11:59pmCalendar American Government – PSC1

Chapter 17 Discussion
Due: May 23 at 11:59pm
Calendar American Government – PSC101_708
Details thics in America Video Summary
Watch the following video Ethics in America (Links to an external site.)
You may watch the whole video, but for this assignment you are only required to watch up until 17:00 of the video. You will be watching the segment on the question of torture. Summarize the views on the question of torture of the following individuals: Lt. Downs Fr. Hehir Mr. Jenkins Admiral Service Gen. Westmoreland Gen. Jones
Compare and contrast the various views. What would you do (or what would you want done) in this situation? Explain and defend your choice. Do not cut and paste anything from the Internet without quotations or proper citation – this is plagiarism. Everything not quoted or cited must be in your own words. Make sure to write a 250-300-word post and to reply to at least two other students with 100-word responses.

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