Chapter 1, Why Do Firms Fail? Select an organization of which you were/are a part. Why did/could it

Chapter 1, Why Do Firms Fail? Select an organization of which you were/are a part. Why did/could it fail? Explain in detail your analysis and support your answer with passage(s) from the text.

2) Chapter 2, Successful Change and the Force That Drives It. What is the difference between management and leadership? Provide a pointed example from your experience/studies and support with Kotter text.

3) Chapter 3, Complacency. Pg. 40 offers a model of why organizations become complacent. Please offer an area of your life where you have witnessed/experienced complacency and then offer why it was such with support from the Kotter text.

4) Chapter 4, Trust and the Common Goal. We discussed building a team based on trust. Please offer your thoughts/experiences/pointed examples of this in your life. Then, support with the Kotter text.

5) Chapter 5, Vision. We discussed why vision is so important. Provide an example of a vision you have successfully completed or currently have. Provide details and support why it worked, will work based in the Kotter text.

6) Chapter 6, Communicating the Change Vision. We have discussed vision, leadership, and communication throughout the course. Provide an example of excellent change communication and support why it is so using the Kotter text.

7) Chapter 7, Removing Barriers. Discuss why removing barriers when managing others can be so important. Support with the Kotter text.

8) Chapter 8, Planning vs. Praying. Our class has had some planning issues (or successes). Discuss those as they relate to your group and provide support/exposition based on the Kotter text.

9) Chapter 9, Producing More Change. Discuss a time when someone/something was resistant to change. What happened? Relate this to a passage from the Kotter text.

10) Chapter 10, Culture. Why is organizational culture so important? Discuss your experience with an organizations culture. Relate your experience to the Kotter text.

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