Case study information You are the practice manager for an accounting firm which specialises in… 1 answer below »

Case study information You are the practice manager for an accounting firm which specialises in business advice for mostly small businesses. Currently there are three partners, four associates, four newly graduated accountants and administrative staff. At the recent business planning meeting, a discussion item on the agenda related to outsourcing.

One of partners had read this report by CPA

and believed there were many benefits and that outsourcing in general was ‘the way of the future’. She argued that the accountants and partners should speak with all their clients about their response to outsourcing. Another partner was very much against the idea as he was not convinced there were enough benefits to justify the costs. The meeting members could not reach agreement, and eventually admitted that their knowledge of outsourcing was limited and they needed more information. You are commissioned to write a report on outsourcing, with a focus on whether it is viable for the firm to work with their clients to make it an integral part of their working relationship. As the partners see time as limited, they have asked you to include a section on communications strategy for introducing this change, to be used if you recommend the adoption of outsourcing. You should define and give adequate description of outsourcing. Include a discussion of the benefits and problems with it. The partners may find it useful to read examples of the use of outsourcing in other accounting firms. Your report is to the current partners and should be formal. You should reference a minimum of 5 sources in the assignment. Ensure that you correctly reference the sources in terms of the Kaplan referencing guide. Your assessment should be 1500 words long. Include a word count at the end of your Recommendations section. Do not include your letter of transmittal, cover page, table of contents, references or appendices in your word count.

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