Caring for a client with chronic disease

Caring for a client with chronic disease

In this paper, students select a client situation from their experience (if enrolled) or a chronic disease of
interest, to explore in depth.
a) In the assessment component of the paper, students will identify and discuss all pertinent chronicity
concepts in their client’s situation, using evidence to support their statements.
b) Building on the identified chronicity concepts, students will present both theoretical and scientific evidences
that will enhance their understanding of the chronic illness experience of their client and caregiver (s). They will
briefly introduce the key components of one selected nursing theory, before outlining how the theory enhances
their understanding of the illness experience for their client and family. They will also seek out and apply
knowledge from a variety of scientific evidences (for example, the use of research and medical resources) to
better understand the illness experience of the client/family.
c) The paper will conclude with evidence-informed decisions for the care of a client with a chronic illness and
their caregivers. A few key strategies will be identified, based on the above application of evidences, that a
student nurse can realistically implement in their practicum experiences. A specific plan of action will be
outlined which will include a variety of details (ie. time requirements, involvement of others, location, use of
equipment or teaching aids, specific actions or instructions, short and long term goals etc.).
Paper is to include a title page with running head, title of paper, course number, student name and number, and
date of assignment. Citations, references, and overall format (e.g., margins, spacing, pagination, and
references list) must follow APA 7th Ed. guidelines. Paper is to include at least five scholarly references (in
addition to course text). At least one resource should be a primary resource from the nursing theorist (ie.
theorist is primary author). Scholarly references include books or peer reviewed articles. Your paper must refer
to the best available evidence (currency, quality, authorship etc).
Maximum length: 8 pages (excluding references list and title page)

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