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Business Intelligence1Pearson BTEC HND in Computing(RQF)Unit 14: Business Intelligence (L5)Week 10LO4Learning Outcome 4: Discuss the impact of business intelligence tools and technologiesfor effective decision-making purposes and the legal/regulatory context in which theyare used.AgendaThe legal/regulatory contextBusiness Intelligence2Legal framework for BILevel 1: platform infrastructure.This level consists of the platform’s physical infrastructure –servers, storage, user devices, routers, local network, internetconnectivity, etc. – and the software that resides on theplatform – operating system, middleware data access andconnectivity software and applications.The legal analysis at this level tends to be around traditionalsoftware copyright issues (rights in computer languages,software, etc.) and the interrelationships between copyrightand database right in relation to database software andaccessing and extracting the data held in that software.Business Intelligence3Level 2: information architecture.The information architecture or IA is the intermediate levelbetween the platform infrastructure and the data itself and,sits at the centre of networked and therefore standardiseddata flows.Here the documentation describing and specifying thearchitecture will attract traditional literary copyrightprotection in the normal way; and the database ‘schema’ orformal structure will be protectible by copyright in the EUunder Chapter II, Article 3 of the Database Directive.Level 3: intellectual propertyRights in relation to data (i) – introduction. The main IP rightsin relation to data are copyright, database right andconfidentiality.Business Intelligence4Level 4: Contracting for DataWho is going to use data?What purposes can the data be used for?Who own the data?Duration of the use and/or ownership?Level 5: Data RegulationData protectionConsentsAnonymisationPrivacyBusiness Intelligence5Level 6: Information Management and SecurityStrategyPolicyProcess

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