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MIS607_Assessment_2_Case Scenario Page 1 of 1Case ScenarioThe Business & Communication Insurance (B&C Insurance) began business as a private health insurer, establishedby Gary RT.L & family in 1965 through the Health Insurance Commission. This company was set up to competewith private “for-profit” funds. The company’s headquarters is located in New York and has offices in variousother countries including Spain, Australia and Hong Kong. The CEO of the B&C Insurance recently received aransom email from an unknown company claiming that they have access to the company strategic plans andpersonal details of 200,000 clients. A sample of personal details of 200 clients was included in the email as a‘proof’.Ransom emails are normally sent through unreliable external networks that are outside the company’s securityboundary. The CEO consulted the senior management and they acted promptly to investigate and contain thethreat with the aid of forensic computer specialists. The first step was to validate the threat. The managementteam found a discussion on a hacker site in the dark net that had personal information of 200,000 clients of B&CInsurance for sale. This also included the details of the 200 clients, provided in the ransom email as ‘proof’. Theinvestigation also confirmed that the details of the 200 customers are genuine.The senior management considered the need to identify threats and give practical guidance on how to managethe risks of identity fraud to be of utmost importance. Therefore, a team of consultants was appointed to preparea series of reports to identify various threats and to develop cybersecurity crisis management plans in order torespond to potential threats/ risks of sophisticated hackers penetrating into the internal systems of the companyand accessing client information.As the cybersecurity specialist in the team, you have been asked to write a report to identify the threat typesand key factors involved. In doing so, you are required to identify the most ‘at-risk’ components, createawareness among the staff of such high-risk components and how to manage them. In addition, this report is tohelp key stakeholders, including the executive managers, to make decisions on what course of actions must beundertaken to mitigate potential threats.

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