Business 113 Project Scenario: As a professor, you are employed at ABC College which offers both…

Business 113 Project


As a professor, you are employed at ABC College which offers both online and traditional classes. As with most colleges, competition is tough and students have a number of options. Local students may choose to attend a traditional college or attend a 100% online institution. Unfortunately, ABC College only offers 25% of their classes online while the remaining 75% are offered in the traditional format. Due to economic constraints, the college is looking for ways to reduce expense and develop ways to increase enrollment.

YOU have been asked by the Dean of Admissions to participate in a Student Affairs Advisory Board designed to increase student enrollment and develop a way to reduce student expense. The Advisory Board consists of one representative from each of the following departments: Finance, Business and Economics (YOU), Human Resources, IT (Technology), Bookstore and Marketing Team, Admissions, Student Affairs, and the Student President for the Class of 2019.

After several meetings, the Advisory Board decided that each member would develop a presentation and present it to the team. The Advisory Board will select the best option and present it to the College President. Each participant is asked to develop a brief 5 slide presentation defining their recommendation.

YOU believe a good way to increase enrollment while reducing student expense is to offer online textbook options. In your recommendation, students would pay a one-time fee each semester which allows them to access all of their textbooks, lab books, and resource material (library books) online. While you realize this option would certainly appeal to students and would reduce expense, you realize it may be a little controversial as a member of the Book Store is on your Advisory team. How will they feel about your suggestion? How can you make it more appealing to them?

YOUR TASK Chapter 12 teaches us how to develop an online and oral presentation. Specifically, page 326 shows us how to analyze the situation, plan the presentation, and ensure you adapt the message to your audience. Using the information above please do the following: Develop a 4-5 page PowerPoint presentation showing the pros and cons of online book resources Include a title page Include pros and cons The slide design is entirely up to you Think of ways to build credibility with your audience Include what you need from the group-what decisions do you need from them? What is in it for your audience-how will it benefit the College as well as the students?

Your goal is to show the expense reduction and the benefit to students which will increase enrollment. How will this approach differentiate ABC College from other local offerings? Ensure you consider the needs of your audience-understand who is on your Advisory Board and what they need to hear to ensure they are in agreement with your proposal. Create a presentation and an outline which shows the key points you would cover if you were presenting the material in a meeting–page 329

You will be graded on the following:

How well you apply chapter 12 to your presentation

How clear is your message and did you meet the needs of audience?

Did your presentation cover pros and cons while delivering a convincing message?

Do you know your audience?

Did your outline correspond to the PowerPoint presentation?

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