As you are all aware, paper three is a rewrite and it is required.

As you are all aware, paper three is a rewrite and it is required.
This paper must also be a substantial improvement of paper 1 or paper 2; if it is not, then this submission will be marked down one step (e.g., B > B-) from the grade assigned to the original submission. And your original grade for either paper 1 or 2 will remain in the grade book unchanged.
If, however, this paper is a substantial improvement (i.e., not simply an improvement in spelling and grammar) of your original submission, then this new grade will be recorded TWICE: once for paper 3 and once for the paper you chose to rewrite (either paper 1 or 2), whose original grade will be replaced.
As with all papers, each day a paper is late, it will be reduced by a FULL letter grade (e.g., A > B, or B > C, etc.), no extensions except in extreme circumstances.
Citations need work, you are missing a lot of them. Try to proceed from in a linear fashion after your thesis, your paper jumps all around in the timeline. Choose one example only for each paragraph, cite where in the text it was found and then your analysis of that passage and how it supports your thesis. No outside sources are needed here, just use the text itself. Overall a good essay which could be easily improved for Essay #3 for a higher grade!

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