Are you an inspiring leader and communicator?

18 The tough questions all leaders need to ask of themselves

Are you an inspiring leader and communicator? 1 Can I say that I genuinely inspire our people by communicating with

passion and integrity? Does my leadership team do the same? 2 Am I confident that everyone (at all levels in the organization) has

a clear view of our values and our purpose so that all the decisions they make are aligned with these?

3 Do all our people understand what each of them needs to do to help achieve our overall goal, and are they inspired by it?

4 Is everyone in the organization committed to constantly improving our key relationships – with each other, our suppliers, partners, stakeholders and, most importantly, our customers?

5 Are we having enough meaningful conversations with our employees so they feel engaged, motivated and committed to what we are doing? Am I recognizing good work when I have those conversations?

6 Can I truly say that I understand what things are like for our people so that I can talk about issues that are important to them?

7 Do I make it a priority to get feedback and input from our people across the organization and respond to their concerns? Am I a good listener? Do I make it easy for people to bring me bad news?


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EBSCO Publishing : eBook K-8 Collection (EBSCOhost) – printed on 11/13/2020 2:16 PM via UNIV OF WEST GEORGIA AN: 524955 ; Kevin Murray.; The Language of Leaders : How Top CEOs Communicate to Inspire, Influence and Achieve Results Account: wgc1.main.usg_locgil



The Tough Questions All Leaders Need to Ask of Themselves 213

8 Can people in the organization look at me and say that I speak out strongly and clearly on the issues that are important to me and to our organization?

9 Am I known as a leader who inspires and engages people by using stories to communicate the messages I want to convey, or do I only use charts with facts and figures?

10 Am I confident that the way I act, and the signals I send, communicate the right messages to our people? What signals are they receiving and how do those influence their behaviours?

11 Am I and all of the leaders in the organization properly prepared and trained for speaking publicly so we can ensure that every word we say counts?

12 Is communication a fundamental leadership priority within the organization, ensuring that we develop all of our leaders to become inspiring communicators?

Above all, am I doing everything I can to ensure that our people, our customers, and all of our stakeholders trust who we are and what we do?

(Questionnaire based on The Language of Leaders 12 principles, with help from Sinead Jefferies of Opinion Leader Research)

EBSCOhost – printed on 11/13/2020 2:16 PM via UNIV OF WEST GEORGIA. All use subject to





EBSCOhost – printed on 11/13/2020 2:16 PM via UNIV OF WEST GEORGIA. All use subject to

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