Anthro 101 Human Behavioral Ecology


Koyaanisqatsi part 1/9 – YouTube

Complete this assignment at the end of this Module.

1. What is the human behavioral ecology model perspective?

2. List the conditions that human’s shared common ancestors lived under for hundreds of thousands of years.

Evolutionary biologists believe we have inherited parts of our minds shaped by the evolutionary pressures felt by our stone-age ancestors. These are the adaptations that made their way into our biology.

21316 The Flintstones

Our Stone age ancestors adapted well to the problems they faced.

3. Select one example to demonstrate how evolutionary behavioral ecologists view the phenomenon of what we have inherited.

4. How do Evolutionary psychologists explain Altruism or the Cinderella effect in Humans?

5. What are the assumptions about our health and stress that Ecopsychology makes?

*Not sure if answer’s to questions are from pdf file or youtube video provided*

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