american history homework 1



I have this history homework due on monday at morning, but I need to have it done on sunday at night. 


I’ll need full and detailed answers because the teacher is very tough on this aspect. Each question must have 1 page long.


Here are the questions for the first section:


Section 1


1 – Describe the movements and comunities led by Ann Lee, George Rapp, Joseph Smith Jr., Ezra Stiles Ely, Charles Grandisom Finney, and other, and their respective social agendas; describe the Antebellum “Culture of Self-Improcement,” with a focus on gender, alcohol, education, prisons, and prostitution, and the rise of Abolitionism.


2 – Describe the conflicts over the acquisition of former Mexican Territory following the War with Mexico, the Compromisse of 1850, and it’s fallout, including the Fugitive Slave Act and the Dred Scott Decision.


3 – Discuss the decline of Whig Party and the emergence of new political factions ranging from Free Soil to Nativism, and the growing 1850s factionalism within the Democratic Party and the emergence of a new Republican Party.


Section 2

Section 2 is about the book “Celia A Slave”


1 – Melton McLaurin notes that the Celia’s defense “challenged the role of white man as the protector of women within southern society… [and] challenged the concept of male hunor, a crucial element of the South’s social system.” What does Cecilia’s story and “the sexual politics of slavery” have to say about antebellum families  and women generally?


i hope you can help me! Thank you


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