advice for money manager essay


advice for money managers
Your group is a team at BankUTS that provides advice for money managers in UTS’ alumni endowment division. Recently, your department manager, Lynne Morrison, has asked you to provide some industry analysis on the technology industry worldwide. She is curious about profitability in the industry. Lynne says that the potential future fall in the AUD exchange rate may create the right timing for a cheaper overseas investment if the industry is profitable. She does not want a prescriptive approach but rather wants some insight in whether the sector is profitable and eventually where to possibly invest UTS’ endowment.

Provide a maximum 5 page written summary on the local and overseas technology industry using Porter’s Five Forces that is relevant to a large investor. Choose a group leader for your group. Please submit your report on UTS online through turnitin (group leader) by NOON on Wednesday August 24th and bring a hard copy of this assignment to submit to your tutor in your tutorial that day.

money managers’ advise
Your group is a BankUTS team that provides financial assistance to UTS’ alumni endowment division’s money managers. Lynne Morrison, your department manager, recently asked you to submit some industry analysis on the global technology business. She’s curious about the industry’s profitability. If the industry is lucrative, Lynne believes that a future fall in the AUD exchange rate may provide the ideal opportunity for a cheaper offshore investment. She does not want a prescriptive approach; instead, she wants to know whether the industry is profitable and, if so, where UTS’ endowment might be invested.

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