A systematic literature review of technology usage during covid-19

This project proposal is for “Research Methodology in Computer Science” subject

The scope ” How digital technology is used during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Health Care domain (Mobile Apps, telemedicine, artificial intelligence).
Explore and analyze the successes and pitfalls, hindrances, and challenges of this digital experience for specific sectors, including institutions, employees, and consumers.”


Generic Topic:

A Systematic Literature Review of Technology Usage during COVID-19 

Research question:

Which different technological interventions have been carried out in the literature to combat COVID-19? 

Type of Study:

Systematic Literature Review

Expected Findings:

A Proposed framework of technology adoption in KSA Health Sector.

10 pages 

– Need to submit the proposal on time and according to the template attached.
– Help with reducing the scope of the project for example to focus on telemedicine.
– write a systematic literature review.one example is attached “student paper 1”.
– must be written in a simple language.
– extract the references from google scholar.

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