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A critical analysis and evaluation of how physical activity and sport has an effect on undergraduate students in the UK1. What is your name?2. How old are you?3. What do you study?4. What is the name of your university?5. Are you a part of any of the sport clubs at your university?– If so, how did you pick to be a part of it? And why did you pick that specific sport?6. Does your university have a gym?– If so, are you a member of it? If not, why are you not a member of it?7. Or are you a member of a gym outside of the university?– Why did you choose to be a member elsewhere?8. How does your university promote their sports clubs?9. How does your university encourage you to take part in physical activity?10. As an adult you should be taking part in at least 150 minutes of exercise weekly, are you meeting thisrequirement?11. If you are, how do you manage your timetable to fit in your regular exercise? If you do not meet therequirement, what is your biggest barrier?12. Why do you participate in regular exercise?– Physical appearance? Improve fitness levels? To stay active? Enjoyment?13. How does participating in physical activity and/or sport make you feel physically?– Energy level? Fatigue? Physical appearance?14. How does participating in physical activity and/or sport make you feel mentally?– Motivated?15. Do you have a daily routine which includes any type of physical activity?– Walk/cycle instead of driving?16. Do you exercise individually or with your friends?17. What motivates you to take part in physical activity?18. Do the costs of the gyms, exercise classes or sports clubs demotivate you to participate?A critical analysis and evaluation

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