5 page argumentative persuasive essay about the education system

Write and submit the full rough draft for a persuasive essay that will become the Final Project for this course based on your case study selection. Remember that you are moving away from a personal reflection on the case study to an academic essay loosely based on the case study. This means you should write the essay in third person and remove all personal pronouns, such as “I, me, me, we, us.” Be sure to provide attribution, using APA formatting, for any outside sources used. Remember, this is an argumentative research paper, so you need to utilize outside sources to support your argument. The paper should follow these guidelines:

  • be 5 full pages in length, excluding the title page and References page
  • be written in the third person
  • cite a minimum of 4 outside source materials that support your thesis
  • use proper APA formatting

My thesis statement for this assignment was that every child should have access to an good education no matter if they could afford it or not and no matter the location.  So my teacher wants 3 supporting points with this thesis they need to be inside the essay..

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